Back to (a new) reality.

Ends and beginnings.

I have had such a fab week in the Lake District. This trip was intended to be a celebration of discharge, an ending. I have been able to look back and reflect and see how far I have come. 

However although I have celebrated the end of my treatment and would happily stay in the Lakes for a few more days it’s time to focus on the beginning.

However clichéd it sounds, when something ends, something new is waiting to begin, it’s true. I have had my little celebratory break, now it’s time to close the door to that chapter of my life.

 I have spent years suffering, hiding away and finally spent a very difficult 10 months in hospital. I will never forget that time, the lessons I have learnt, all of the advice I have been given and even friends I have made. But as I travel away from the Lakes, back home, I travel back to reality. But not just boring old ‘reality’, my new reality. I will be going back to real life, in a way that I havnt experienced before. Today a door closes, ready for a new one to open. Today I will look back over the holiday. I won’t be down and suffer the holiday blues because I know what comes next.

My new chapter.

Next week I go back to work. This is a big thing for me. It’s the next step, another sign that I am getting my life back on track. So although I’m going home, I have more exciting things to follow.


Thank you Lake District for an amazing week, I have been able to achieve so many things, things I couldn’t do last time I was here and if I am honest, never believed I would do again

  • Very long hike
  • Walks around little towns stopping for coffee and cake
  • Eating out each night in a different restaurant
  • Trying puddings 
  • Trip to the aquarium and riding a steam train
  • Relaxing in a spa, having a massage, walking round in my swimming costume

Most importantly 

  • Spending quality time with my partner, being able to have a laugh and a joke.

I will definitely be coming back to the Lakes next year, but first I have a year of my life to really live.

When one door closes another opens.
M x


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