How Do You Have a Voice?

This is a post in response to somebody asking me the golden question 'how do you have a voice' Thank you for the question I'm glad that it was asked because having a voice in anorexia is impossible and having a voice in recovery is just as difficult. Now, I can only speak from my … Continue reading How Do You Have a Voice?


What would you like to see?

Hi everyone! Not your typical post today. Eating disorders are very individual to each person, however I wanted to see if there were any aspects that people want to read a blog about? Whether it's something you are struggling with that I may be able to help with or something you want to understand more. … Continue reading What would you like to see?

Small Changes

I have seen many posts about it being the beginning of September, with people setting out their goals for the month.  Personally I think this is great as I love having something to work towards, however it is easy to set too many goals, and ending up not achieving any. This was me all over … Continue reading Small Changes