Magazine addiction: my tips

Following the post I wrote about my experience with magazines I promised to share some tips. Not necessarily tips, but things I found worked for me. 

  • If you are a serial magazine reader and feel that you could never cut magazines from your life completely then cut down. Stick to reading one just magazine a week.
  • If you like celebrity gossip then try looking online for these stories, stories that focus on more than just their weight.
  • Choose a different kind of magazine, one that isn’t focused on weight/body/image. For example if you have a hobby then why not start reading magazines that are targeted to specific hobbies and interests. For example arts and craft, gardening, etc
  • Use the money that you are saving each week to buy yourself a treat, non eating disorder related. For example as I need to work on treating myself and giving myself ‘me time’, I used some of the money that I saved to buy a bath bomb, something that will help me on my journey of recovery

The ultimate tip:
All of the above are great to help start managing the unhealthy addiction but for better success and the only thing I knew would work for me:

Throw out ALL magazines and stop buying them completely.

For me going cold turkey was my best and only option. The problem I faced with this was when I was at friends or family houses or in a waiting room. In this situation I just told myself NO. This is where you really need to take control.

Do I miss reading magazines? 

Stopping this unhealthy habit has allowed me to reconnect with my body, moving away from societies ideal of ‘healthy’. It has given me the chance to learn for myself what healthy is, in an environment that isn’t feeding me rules and restrictions, putting temptation in my way.

I do think that one day I will be able to pick up a mag and read it for what it is, however right now I am enjoying the freedom I feel. I don’t feel the need to buy a magazine and obsess over the weight loss stories. I have managed to get into a better place and for me, cutting out magazines and the nevativity and obsession that comes with it was the best step I took.

Go on, grab that pile of magazines and throw it in the nearest bin!


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