Small Changes

I have seen many posts about it being the beginning of September, with people setting out their goals for the month. 

Personally I think this is great as I love having something to work towards, however it is easy to set too many goals, and ending up not achieving any. This was me all over when it comes to New Years Resolitions! Vowing to do and change everything, then realising I had too many to stick to and breaking them all. But I wanted to join in the setting of September goals and so here mine is:

I have very recently gone back to work on a part-time basis and so my goal is simple:

To get into a good routine working while allowing myself ‘me’ time.

This is something I struggle with’me time’. I have always felt as though I need to be busy and productive at all times, however I am working through the reasons as to why this has to be the way. Therefore this September my goal will run along side the work I am doing. 

Is anyone with me? 

Pick one main goal that you want to achieve and put all of your efforts into that one goal. I would love to hear what your goal is, and I’d love to follow you through September to see how you are getting on. I will share some of the things I am doing to focus on achieving my goal!

Bring on September!

M x


4 thoughts on “Small Changes

  1. Samantha says:

    I completely agree with you that it is very easy to set a lot of goals just to get overwhelmed and not achieve any! I think i might take your advice and just focus a majority of my presence to that, the rest will be on the side! Cant wait to follow you and your blog! Sam x

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  2. Becky says:

    I think my goal will be to try to just be aware of my ‘good food/bad food’ thoughts and trying to incorporate positive food thoughts when they come up.

    Seems so simple, yet it’s so difficult!

    Good luck!

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