Feel the Fear…

After returning to work on a part-time basis I settled back into my job and it’s going really well, my life is back on track and I couldn’t be happier with where I am. Well actually that’s not quite true, something has been missing and it’s taken me a little while to figure out what this is.
I wanted more, I wanted something else in my life that I could grow and nurture, I wanted something that I could really get my teeth into! 

Who wouldn’t want to be successful?

That’s right, I have the determination and drive to know that I can and will be successful with my new business.

So what have I gone and done?

Forever Living. Two simple words, one big dream and a world of possibilities!

After watching this company, seeing people I know living the dream I’ve always been too sceptical to take that step. Tempted but weary! Although I’ve come to realise that it wasn’t just this that was holding me back it was that dreaded emotion FEAR

Fear of doing something new

Fear of getting it wrong

Fear of failing

Fear of having no one interested

Fear of what people will think of me

Fear of stepping outside my comfort zone
I’ve let this fear of not being good enough hold me back in life for too long and this time I thought no! This time I’m going to feel the fear and do it anyway! So I did, just like that.

I took the step, I set up my Forever Living business and although scared I am so so excited to see what comes next.

The purpose of this blog isn’t to make you buy from me, it’s to show you that it’s ok to do something your scared of. Your life doesn’t change if your doing the same thing everyday.

I wanted more and now I’ve got more, my own little project that I can work at however much or little as I like. This is an exciting time and I believe if you want something enough nothing and no one can stand in your way!

M x


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