January Loves <3

I absolutely love reading about things that make people happy and this ties in nicely with the gratitude challenge I amcurrently undergoing.
January is always a ‘quiet’ month after the craziness of Christmas people tend to mellow out over January. January is a strange month, but how fast has it gone this year! 

My first love of the month are Cadburys Mini Eggs. Once all of the Christmas chocolate is gone from the shops the Easter chocolate begins to make an appearance. As someone who has suffered from an eating disorder I have never allowed myself to eat chocolate and enjoy it. Now don’t get me wrong I have eaten mini eggs before but it’s usually followed by extreme feelings of guilt and a good two hour gym session to purge the calories. But not this year 🙂 when we were doing out Morrisons food shop ( other good supermarkets are available 😉 ) I spotted them at the checkout and without a hesitation added them to the trolley. I’ll be Honest, I enjoyed every second of eating them, of course I shared one of two with my boyfriend but I was able to eat them, enjoy them and then carry on with my life after. They get a 10/10 from me. The perfect teaser for Easter treats to come!
I watched Legend for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I love it. Having read the book A Profession of Violence: the rise and fall of the Kray twins by John Pearson I couldn’t wait to watch the film. I was sceptical because often the films are disappointing compared to the book. Although with Tom Hardy as the main actor I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed! Crime Thrillers are not normally my scene but this has to be one of the best films released in 2015. Legend is based on the story of the Kray Twins, showing their careers and ultimately their rise and fall as gangsters. What I loved was seeing the relationship between the two brothers and watching how it develops over their life. If you haven’t seen it then I definitely recommend! 

I love trying new cosmetic products, or at least I love trying one and finding one better that what I was already using. This year for Christmas Santa treated me to some makeup Flawless by Sonya, the BB creme is amazing, I’ve never used one before and it acts as the perfect base layer. It’s soft and creamy to the touch and blends really well. Sometimes I just pop that on and I’m set for the day, the coverage is good too. The cream to powder foundation is another new one for me. I have always used liquid foundation so I was a little cautious about trying the cream but guess what!? Another success. Easy to apply, great coverage, flawless finish. Both products are also affordable and in my opinion up there with the likes of MAC. ( I do know a very lovely seller of this range who I’m sure would be willing to give my blog readers a cheeky discount to! Just ask) Two essentials for every make up bag!
Another love is my Heat Lotion. I am currently in training for my first half marathon! Eeeeek only 4 weeks to go now. So needless to say my legs are being put through their paces, this heat lotion is brilliant. Warming the muscles before a run and preventing the aches and pains the next day. What’s not to love about that! My little, not so secret weapon. 

Lots of little loves for January, can’t wait to find out what gems Feb has in store.
What’s been your favourite things of January? I would love to know.

M x 

January Loves <3

Gratitude Challenge – My Week 3 & 4

Week 3 

Too many people take their family for granted, and I’m sure we are all guilty of this at some stage or another. We take for granted that our family will always be there and we forget to focus on and cherish the little things. I’m proud to say that I don’t take my family for granted anymore. Whether it’s because I’m older now or from what we have been through together I am not sure. From the gratitude list Family would be what I for one am most grateful for. My family have been through a very tough time the last few years but we got through it, we got through it because we had each other. 

The most important thing that gratitude can teach us is to focus on what we have, not what our life lacks. I have an amazing family, not only are they my relations, but they are my friends, my support network and a comfort. 

So how am I going to show my family how grateful I am to have them around? Keeping it simple and telling them. 

Week 4 

Family member:                                              So week 3 was gratitude for your family and week 4 leads on from this by a specific family member. That’s a tough one as I can’t possible choose just one, but I am sure over the course of this 52 week challenge I will get to cover them all.

I will start here with my sister. She is one amazing person. Not only is she there for me with advice and guidance, a place I can pop to for a coffee and a chat whenever I need, the general sisterly duties. But she has been so much more. My sister was the first person I trusted and turned to when I was suffering with anorexia. I knew she probably suspected long before I admitted it myself but I opened up to her first because I knew out of everyone she would ‘understand’ or if she didn’t understand she would still know what to say and what to do.

It was with her encouragement that I went into hospital because she told me that in the end everything would be OK, she promised and for some reason when my sister promises I know it’s going to be ok. My sister was the one who took me into hospital and made it that little bit easier. I still believe that if I hadn’t had her support then I would have been resistant to being admitted into hospital and this would have put me in a very difficult situation. I know it would have taken a section to get me there but she gave me the gentle push I needed. I know that at the time she felt guilty for taking me there, but it’s the best thing anyone has done for me because it made me get the help I needed. 

My sister is amazing and she is my best friend, I couldn’t imagine my life without her and I couldn’t be anymore grateful to her, what she has done for me, all of the advice and cuddles she has given me, she has been my support when I have needed her most. She has been stronger than she should ever have to be for me and my family, and now that I am well again I hope that I can be there for her just as much.

Oh and I am also very grateful that she has given me two gorgeous nephews 🙂

A true sign of gratitude is becoming emotional when you think about what you have and my eyes are welling up just writing this. I love you sis, if you ever were to read this, I couldn’t have done it without you. I can’t thank you enough but I am grateful every single day for what you have done for me.
M x

Gratitude Challenge – My Week 3 & 4


A big part of recovering from any illness is being able to see clearly, that you are surrounded by so many things to be grateful for. I was blind to this for so long, I became so self-focuses and inward thinking that my life became food, exercise, negativity. My life became existence and survival, and even then I wasn’t doing a very good job!

So when I was on Twitter the other day I saw the ‘Gratitude Challenge’ a challenge that lots of people seemed to be taking on in January. This is a 52 week challenge whereby each week you can think about and appreciate or show gratitude to something. 

I saw this as the perfect opportunity to truly reflect on what I have to be grateful for that I was blind to for so long. I may not post each week but over the course of 2016 I will be answering to each of these weeks. 

Who would like to join my on this challenge? Why not set up your own blog posts and tag me in them, or comment underneath mine. Have you too been blind for so long, have you had an illness that has taken away your focus on the important things in your life? Or has life simply got in the way meaning you haven’t been able to stop and think about all of these important things? 

So here goes…

Week 1: Why start this challenge?

It’s important to be able to appreciate what you have in your life, I personally lost sight of this but I’m finally reconnecting with everyone and everything around me so I saw this as an opportunity to spend half an hour each week refocusing and showing my gratitude to the things that make up the most important parts of my life.

Week 2: Spouse or significant other

I have been with my boyfriend now for almost 5 years and he has been amazing. He has seen me at my very worst on many occasions yet he has stood by me throughout. Through my hospital admission he was there most evenings and made sure that I had a visitor every day. He has been there through the tears, the tantrums, the depression and anxiety attacks and he has never judged me. I am truly grateful to him for still being with me and I know that most men wouldn’t have stuck around in the circumstances. He has been there for me in any way he can. It hasn’t been easy but I could rely on him to be there whenever I need him. One of the nicest things for me through recovery was to be able to see how he changed as I got better. It was nice to become a real girlfriend again and begin to give back. 

I could go on and on about how grateful I am to my significant other but actions speak louder than words. Another part of why I am doing this challenge and looking at what’s in my life is also to take part in some small act of kindness to show how grateful I am. These only need to be very small but they will show I care.

So what am I going to do for my boyfriend that shows my gratitude for him?

I think a cup of tea in bed every morning is just the ticket!

Thank you for reading and I hope to see some of you joining in the challenge.

M x


Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! 

You may have noticed that I have been quiet for a little while, but I’m back and ready for some serious blogging in 2016!

Who else reflects on their year on New Years Day? I do, I like to look back and see what has gone well and what I would like to change.

What can I say, it’s been a challenging year to say the least! However although I spent most of it in hospital recovering from anorexia, I’m so glad I did. It was awful, painful, I hated every single day and was desperate to leave but I stuck it out. Somehow I had it in me to see the treatment through. I can now be proud of how far I have come. Not only have I set myself on the road to recovery I have also set myself up to entering 2016 strong and healthy. I’m one for New Years resolutions, well setting them at least! Every year for around 6 years I’ve sent that New Year’s Eve text apologising to my family for what I’ve put them through and promising next year will be different. It never was. I was saying and promising what I thought everyone wanted to hear. On 31st December 2014 I made the same promise. This time I stuck to it, I got help and last night when I made that same promise, that next year will be different I can be confident that it will, because I’ve already taken the steps I need to fulfill that promise. I’m in such a good place compared to what I was that I’m entering 2016 feeling strong and healthy. This year my goal isn’t to survive the year as it was last year but I have so much more I want to achieve. My goal isn’t to learn how to eat properly again, isn’t learning to feed myself or tolerate myself, it’s not purely existing but to run my first half marathon and then my second and third for charity. This time last year I could only of dreamed of being able to do that.
I have big hopes for 2016, I can’t wait to be the best I can be, focusing on my career, my little business venture, starting my new role as a running leader, running my half marathons, being the kind of daughter, sister, auntie, girlfriend that my family deserves. Recovery is still very important to me and I will be working on this everyday, making sure that everything I do is having a positive effect on me, building my confidence and making me as happy as I can be.

I’ve got big dreams and I can’t wait to see where this year takes me!!

Happy New Year to you all, remember recovery is possible. I’m always here to give advice and share my experiences with you so please just ask.

Let’s raise a glass (of prosecco, not water this year 😉 ) to a healthy year.

M x


Happy New Year