Gratitude Week5&6


Something someone gave me
Here it would be quite easy to pick an actual gift, something material that I love. However last year I was given something else that I am truly grateful for.

When I was admitted into hospital my sister dropped me off and as I gave her a huge hug to say goodbye (with the silent plead not to leave me here) she handed me a letter. I’m not going to share the letter but it showed me just how loved I am and also how proud her and my family are. This letter made me cry and was painful to read as it confirmed that I was going to be in hospital a long time, and also it was going to be the hardest thing I ever did. But I kept this letter, and every time I was struggling or wanting to give up I would get it out and read it. My sister was my rock and this letter meant the world to me. I still have it tucked away in a safe place, I haven’t had to read it for a while but if I do I know exactly where to find it.

It’s not the expensive, material ‘things’ that matter, it’s the sentimental ones that really stay with you.

Without that letter my recovery would have been even harder.

The city you live in

I actually always used to be jealous of people living in London or Manchester. I thought that a big city would be cool to grow up in and live in. But that was before I discovered running, cycling and walking. I have come to love where I live, not quite a city but ‘Warwickshire’ and its surrounding areas are where I know I want to be. I have discovered some amazing places, parks I never knew existed. The biggest eye-opener for me was Draycote Water. It’s just up the road and it’s beautiful. When I am there I feel like I’m on holiday! 
I’m grateful for where I live because it is quiet with lots of peaceful places.

We are all to quick to wish we lived somewhere else but once you start exploring you will see there are whole new areas that you didn’t know existed! 


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