How can we stop ‘pro-ana’?

I’m a complete believer that everyone has a right to their own opinion however I saw something today which bothered me. I’m mentioning no names and I never will but I came across this.   
Now I am in a great place and a position where this won’t affect me. I can turn a blind eye and shrug it off, however this kind of image can be extremely triggering to so many people who are suffering in the grips of an eating disorder. It also got me thinking, my niece is at the age where she can use a computer and she can read. I would be absolutely horrified if she came across this.

1. You do not need to be skinny to be attractive. Whether you are attractive is completely subjective meaning there is no set guidelines on who is attractive, it’s people who judge this for themselves. Kelly brook is not skinny but she is considered one of the most attractive females ever. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

2. Being thin is not more important than being healthy! Being thin nearly killed me. What good would that have done me? It’s better to be healthy and alive than so thin that your organs begin to fail. Being so thin your skin looks gaunt and grey is not attractive- I’ve been there and seen the pictures! It’s NOT pretty.

3. I still struggle with clothes however I wouldn’t buy something intentionally to look thinner, but buy clothes that make you comfortable. If you take laxatives to lose weight, it won’t work. You will become dependant on them and damage your insides. Running to the toilet every 30 minutes isn’t attractive is it? 

4. You shouldn’t feel guilty for eating. Everyone is allowed to look after their bodies and give it the fuel it needs. Eating a healthy diet will make your skin and hair in perfect condition. If you start to restrict then you will lose weight but only for so long. There will come a point where your body will say enough is enough and you will end up binging. This is not only unattractive but also emotionally heartbreaking.

5. You do not need to punish yourself for eating fattening foods. Foods do not belong to a certain category and by eating everything in moderation you will not put on weight or be unhealthy. Punishing your body will fuel the self-hate and keep you stuck in a cycle. 

6. Do not count calories with the intention of restricting. Eating 3 meals a day and a couple of snacks will keep you within the recommended daily intake. As soon as you start counting calories it quickly becomes a habit. A habit that is all consuming. A habit that is dangerous. 

7. What the scales say is the least important thing. So unimportant that you don’t need to weigh yourself. There are so many factors that affect your weight, what time of day it is, what time of the month it is, what you ate for dinner the night before and how much you have exercised. The scales also don’t tell you how much is fat and what is muscle. Muscle is denser and therefore heavier than fat. Did you know some athletes who are pure muscle are ranked obese if they weight themselves and use BMI

8. Do not attribute weight loss and gain as good and bad

9. You can be too thin. When your organs are no longer protected, your periods stop because your body is shutting down and you have so little energy you can’t function- then you are too thin.

10. Being thin and not eating are not true signs of power and success. These two things show you are controlled by an eating disorder- breaking this and beginning to recover shows true power. Feeding yourself and looking after yourself enough to go out and achieve your dreams and goals is true success.

11. Ana is not a lifestyle it is a disease. A deadly disease. Ana is not a lifestyle when it is shortening your life. 

From someone who has suffered with anorexia I do understand where these ‘rules’ come from however I learnt how wrong they are. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions however I disagree that posts like this should be so freely accessible online, people stumbling across this could fall into the dark and dangerous hole of an eating disorder.



9 thoughts on “How can we stop ‘pro-ana’?

  1. Little J says:

    It frustrates me that pro-ana and pro-mia have become trends – it’s not really about weight at the core of it, and that’s what most people don’t understand. I heard someone in my office (who claims she suffered from anorexia as a teenager) discuss losing weight for summer, and she said, “Hunger hurts but starving works,” and “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Everyone laughed, but I was pretty angry.

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    • thisisme says:

      Hi Jenna. Thanks for commenting. Your right they do seem to have become trends. When I was suffering with anorexia I might have thought those things in the picture I posted but I would never ever post it to other people encouraging them to think that way or follow the rules. That’s bad for someone to say starvation works, especially if they have suffered from anorexia! If she really went through anorexia she would t be saying how good skinny feels. I don’t blame you for feeling angry.

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  2. myreasonstorecover says:

    Those posts always break my heart. I work with children, and it’s terrifying to know what they’re exposed to. Eating disorders are hell; making them look attractive or sexy or empowering…it’s just sick. And scary when you think about who might be reading and what they’ll do with what they’ve read. This is a great response to it, thanks for sharing.

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