Protected: So This Is What It Feels Like

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My World

When I was a baby you rocked me to sleep. When I was poorly you stroked my hair. When I was sad you made me smile. When I lost my toy you would always find it for me. When I was a baby I needed you. When I was stressed at school you would help … Continue reading My World

Tis the season

It’s that time of year again. Something I write about every year because I feel it is important for those who are struggling with anorexia (or bulimia) and also for their families to appreciate the struggle. It’s ironic really, Christmas is my favourite time of the year. Those who know me will know just how … Continue reading Tis the season

The Break

Rome is the most incredible place. Not somewhere that I ever planned to go because when I think of Italy, I think pizza, pasta and bread. Italy is the place of carbs. A carb-lovers dream (of which I am not!). You may be thinking how sad to let something as trivial and necessary as food … Continue reading The Break