But why would you want to do that?

An ultra marathon. Why would anyone want to do that? Some people aspire to completing a marathon one day, just so they can tick 26.2 miles from their bucket list. "I'm training for a marathon" is usually met with "wow that's amazing, what time are you hoping to do it in? I could never do … Continue reading But why would you want to do that?


The C word … Control

Mental health isn't talked about enough. Eating disorders are not talked about enough. People's misconceptions and misunderstandings around eating disorders are not talked about enough. This is why awareness is so important to those with mental health issues, families and friends of those with mental health issues and society in general. With that in mind … Continue reading The C word … Control

Time to Talk

Living with mental health struggles can be a lonely place. Lonely, scary and dark. Time to Change have launched their Time to Talk Day on February 1st 2018 to encourage people to talk about mental health. Talking is the most important thing when it comes to mental health. In a way I feel like a … Continue reading Time to Talk