To Bib, or not to Bib that is the question?

I am no professional, I actually consider myself an amateur, a newbie, a novice. But one lesson I learnt pretty swiftly is that whatever your level, if you are planning on spending a decent time in the saddle never underestimate the importance of bib shorts… lovely padded bib shorts.

When I first started riding, or should I say when I first thought about riding I bought a pair of bib shorts, I didn’t research them but they were in the sale and I thought I might need them, so I bought them. I wore them once and that was that. They didn’t feel much different to wearing my running tights if I am completely honest. Then when I was lucky enough to win entry into the London Revolution I realised that;

a) I was going to have to start taking my training seriously 

b) I was actually going to have to get on my road bike, on the road (no more hiding on the turbo in the comfort of my home) 

c) It was winter, it was cold and I was going to need appropriate bib tights. 

The ones I decided on (after limited research) were OK, but being a newbie I wasn’t 100% sure how I was meant to feel after a long ride, my bum still hurt after getting off the saddle and the longer the rides became the more I felt as though I was becoming part of the saddle, or the saddle was becoming part of me, either way it was a painful experience! Not to mention the ‘slight’ pain of consecutive days riding. To me this was normal. Then something that I can only describe as a complete game-changer happened. I discovered Stolen Goat. Yes I’m a Brand Ambassador however I write this blog completely impartial because the simple fact that I am an ambassador does not take away that on discovering Stolen Goat I discovered the key to a comfortable ride. 

With summer months approaching but still a little chilly I opted to buy some new bib shorts, I decided on the Women’s Orkaan waterproof shorts.

I love them.

Now as an amateur I’m not going to go in to too much technical detail because I’m still learning myself. 

But here is what makes Stolen Goat Orkaan Waterproof Bib Shorts so great: 

Waterproof fabric – the waterproofing is manufactured into the material and so no amount of washing will affect its performance.

Wind resistant – considered more wind resistant than other bib shorts.

Proprietary Pad – using dimple technology to increase airflow these bib shorts have been developed in Belgium alongside top level pro riders and so quality is guaranteed.

Premium fit – what I like about these compared to the first shorts I owned is that the legs are held in place by elasticated bands so that they hold in place throughout the ride instead of using silicon grippers which can be uncomfortable as well as irritating!

With London Revolution approaching I have been focusing on consecutive days in the saddle and these Stolen Goat shorts have made that possible. Not only are they comfortable and fit well but I love the SG logo and by choosing black I can pair with any cycling jersey (and yes I have just ordered another jersey from SG!)

These shorts are also waterproof. I have been lucky enough to avoid the rain but with our lovely British weather I’m sure it will only be a matter of weeks before they really are put to the test! 

If you are looking for some great performance bib shorts I would highly recommend Stolen Goat. 

Whether you are a beginner just setting out on your cycling journey and starting your cycling wardrobe, or you have more cycling kit than normal clothes. Whether you are going out on a leisurely Sunday ride or competing in a sportive, maybe you are clocking up the miles on a turbo or hitting the roads on a spring morning. Whatever your ride these are just the perfect kit.

An absolute essential for your cycling wardrobe.

Don’t just take my word for it, I am an amateur after all.

M x 

I am cycling the London Revolution 185 miles to raise pennies and awareness for the Shakespeare Hospice, a charity who do amazing things.

To Bib, or not to Bib that is the question?

January Loves <3

I absolutely love reading about things that make people happy and this ties in nicely with the gratitude challenge I amcurrently undergoing.
January is always a ‘quiet’ month after the craziness of Christmas people tend to mellow out over January. January is a strange month, but how fast has it gone this year! 

My first love of the month are Cadburys Mini Eggs. Once all of the Christmas chocolate is gone from the shops the Easter chocolate begins to make an appearance. As someone who has suffered from an eating disorder I have never allowed myself to eat chocolate and enjoy it. Now don’t get me wrong I have eaten mini eggs before but it’s usually followed by extreme feelings of guilt and a good two hour gym session to purge the calories. But not this year 🙂 when we were doing out Morrisons food shop ( other good supermarkets are available 😉 ) I spotted them at the checkout and without a hesitation added them to the trolley. I’ll be Honest, I enjoyed every second of eating them, of course I shared one of two with my boyfriend but I was able to eat them, enjoy them and then carry on with my life after. They get a 10/10 from me. The perfect teaser for Easter treats to come!
I watched Legend for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I love it. Having read the book A Profession of Violence: the rise and fall of the Kray twins by John Pearson I couldn’t wait to watch the film. I was sceptical because often the films are disappointing compared to the book. Although with Tom Hardy as the main actor I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed! Crime Thrillers are not normally my scene but this has to be one of the best films released in 2015. Legend is based on the story of the Kray Twins, showing their careers and ultimately their rise and fall as gangsters. What I loved was seeing the relationship between the two brothers and watching how it develops over their life. If you haven’t seen it then I definitely recommend! 

I love trying new cosmetic products, or at least I love trying one and finding one better that what I was already using. This year for Christmas Santa treated me to some makeup Flawless by Sonya, the BB creme is amazing, I’ve never used one before and it acts as the perfect base layer. It’s soft and creamy to the touch and blends really well. Sometimes I just pop that on and I’m set for the day, the coverage is good too. The cream to powder foundation is another new one for me. I have always used liquid foundation so I was a little cautious about trying the cream but guess what!? Another success. Easy to apply, great coverage, flawless finish. Both products are also affordable and in my opinion up there with the likes of MAC. ( I do know a very lovely seller of this range who I’m sure would be willing to give my blog readers a cheeky discount to! Just ask) Two essentials for every make up bag!
Another love is my Heat Lotion. I am currently in training for my first half marathon! Eeeeek only 4 weeks to go now. So needless to say my legs are being put through their paces, this heat lotion is brilliant. Warming the muscles before a run and preventing the aches and pains the next day. What’s not to love about that! My little, not so secret weapon. 

Lots of little loves for January, can’t wait to find out what gems Feb has in store.
What’s been your favourite things of January? I would love to know.

M x 

January Loves <3