Can depression physically hurt?

The human body is an incredible thing.  Depression is a mental illness and is sometimes described as an 'invisible illness' with some people being able to live their lives and keep their depression to themselves. From the outside looking in you would never know of their daily internal struggles. But depression can also be physical. … Continue reading Can depression physically hurt?


Positive motivation is everything.

Would you run a half marathon, on your own, in the pouring rain, with no encouragement and no one to motivate you? Maybe you would but it is hard work.  Would you run a half marathon, with 40 running friends, in the pouring rain, with motivation, encouragement, support and the most amazing positive energy you … Continue reading Positive motivation is everything.


A big part of recovering from any illness is being able to see clearly, that you are surrounded by so many things to be grateful for. I was blind to this for so long, I became so self-focuses and inward thinking that my life became food, exercise, negativity. My life became existence and survival, and … Continue reading Gratitude